Framing service for HUAHUA artists

  1. Outline of Framing Service
    • HUAHUA offers a framing service for artists who hold the exhibition at HUAHUA and only sell their work in Japan.
    • HUAHUA will frame the work that the artist has sold online and send it to the client by post.
    • The cost of the framing service is as follows (including postage)

Postcard (stand type): 1,000 yen

Postcard (wall-mounted): 2,500 yen

B5 size (wall-mounted): 3,000 yen

A4 size (wall-mounted): 3,500 yen

  1. How does the framing service work?
    • The artist sells the work (including replicas) for the price of the work plus the framing service fee above.
    • Once the work is sold, the artist will not send the work directly to the purchaser, but will send it to HUAHUA. The buyer’s shipping address is also given to HUAHUA.
    • The artist will transfer the price of the framing service to the following bank account
    • HUAHUA selects a suitable frame for the work, frames it, wraps it in a protective sheet and mails it to the specified address.

PayPay Bank, Business Sales Department (005), Ordinary Account 

Account number 4343530, Account name HUAHUA (LLC)

  1. Other
    • Please contact us if you require a non-standard size.
    • The artist is responsible for providing a thank you letter to the purchaser.

If you are an artist who would like to use this service, please contact HUAHUA via DM on Instagram or Twitter, or via HUAHUA g-mail.




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